Robustness in Chaos: the Evolution of Drupal’s Primary Menu

Presenters: mherchel

Olivero is the brand new front-end theme for Drupal. Developing this carried with it lofty requirements, knowing that it will be used with millions of people and devices during its lifetime. 

A website’s primary navigation is a critical part of its usability and accessibility, and is relevant across all websites throughout the web. What may seem simple at first glance rests on a complex foundation, the intricacies of which we will walk through in this in-depth exploration of primary nav development. In this highly entertaining and informative talk we take attendees on a journey through the development of Olivero's primary navigation. 

Attendees will learn about 

  • Various accessible navigation patterns 
  • The challenges of designing a primary navigational bar for a theme in an open source content management system 
  • Proper use of aria roles and attributes within this context 
  • Issues (and solutions) to specific accessibility issues 
  • Real-world accessibility and usability testing on various assistive devices and environments. 

While this presentation delves heavily into accessibility, and UX, attendees will also learn about testing, usability, and even squashing an errant XSS security vulnerability.

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Design, UX, and Accessibility