Drupal and Container Orchestration: Using Kubernetes to Manage All the Things

Presenters: shayan.sarkar, wpatt

Session Recording: https://youtu.be/p8G1oHLhc7I

Cloud hosting can provide great cost savings for any organization, but taking infrastructure management into your own hands can prove a challenge. Modern web applications are rarely as simple as a single Drupal install—and operating at scale only complicates the matter. We need a solution that allows developers to define infrastructure and networking for their applications and manage deployments with ease.

This session addresses how to use Kubernetes, a powerful open-source tool designed to manage applications in the cloud. How does your team prepare a Drupal site for container orchestration? How can you manage multiple environments such as production, pre-production, and local? How can you integrate your non-Drupal web services?


We will review:

  • Containerizing Drupal
  • Service Discovery
  • Configuration and Secrets Management
  • Load balancing
  • Auto-scaling a cluster
  • Integrate External Services
  • Deploy with Rolling Updates


This session is for:

  • Solution Architects
  • Developers
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