Bringing Containers to Production: A brief overview of orchestration technologies.

Presenters: allgood

Most development agencies have started the migration from VM's to containers and using docker. With docker and docker-compose becoming a more mature technology, and the improvements by the drupal community; it's easier than ever to replace vm's in your development workflow with lighter weight containers.

However taking the next step from locals machines, to orchestration of a CI environment and production is new, rapidly changing space. I'd like to present a broad over of when and why you should work towards container orchestration, what technologies are available to help with this.

We'll cover:

  • Long term support and staff concerns. Being prepared to maintain production environments
  • How to avoid over complicating your business and maintaining a mountain of CI/Containers code.
  • What technologies and services exist to help orchestrate our environments.
    • We will NOT go into implementations or specific code for these services.
    • We will cover 'what' these services do and what problems they solve and some of the high level pro's and con's.
  • Common pitfall's and traps to avoid.
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